Cashflow & Profitability

What Law School Didn’t Teach You About Running a Successful Law Firm

What if you could help your law firm grow profitably, in a sustainable way, by putting a few critical systems in place? As the owner of a small or solo firm, you might have all the legal skills you need but few of the practical abilities required to run a financially successful law firm.

Cashflow & Profitability is a book written for you by skilled law firm practice management and marketing coaches Mark Powers and Shawn McNalis. For over 30 years, their firm, Atticus, has helped lawyers like you develop must-know, yet commonly overlooked, tools to run your law practice. Their effective “RULES” strategy has helped law firms across the nation increase profitability and lower overall stress.

They will provide you with a comprehensive set of easy-to-follow protocols, customizable templates, and rules for building a firm that’s financially well-organized and profitable.

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About the Authors

Mark Powers

President / Shareholder / Certified Practice Advisor

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Shawn McNalis

Shareholder / Practice Advisor Trainer / Curriculum Director

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Learn the 5 R.U.L.E.S.

Rates and realization. Increase your rates, select the right clients, and collect a higher percentage of your billing.

Utilization. Boost your team’s capacity to capture and optimize their productive time.

Leverage. Divide labor across the firm, delegate, and leverage technology to get the most out of your team - and avoid being the “hero” at your firm.

Expenses. Know the key ratios, costs, and expenses you should have, and find ways to outsource or minimize unnecessary expenses.

Speed. Understand why the faster you bill, the higher your profit margin.

Finally! The legal industry has been hungry for a book that provides a framework for law firm owners to run a profitable practice, and this book delivers.
Victor J. Medina, CELA®, CFP®, RICP® | Attorney

See What Others Have to Say

Shawn hits head on the most sensitive and difficult issues any lawyer who owns or runs a firm faces; cashflow, quoting fees and holding themselves and the team accountable to make sure the firm is financially viable and profitable. This book is a must-read for any lawyers who are responsible for the financial well-being of their firm. The chapter on rates and realization, alone, with its tools, tips and forms will transform any practice and have an immediate impact on the financial health and will increase profitability.

Vincent E. Bonazzoli Vincent E. Bonazzoli /

Atticus founders, Mark Powers and Shawn McNalis, once again present practical advice and useful tools for law firm leaders to achieve success for their practices, and to do so profitability. Atticus’ RULES provide the guidelines for law firms to improve Realization, maximize Utilization, Leverage lawyer and non-lawyer staff, manage Expenses, and add the Speed necessary to decrease “Time on Desk” and increase profitability. Filled with tips for implementing a RULES based practice, Powers and McNalis prove again how Atticus understands the practice of law and the business of law. Atticus’ Cashflow & Profitability offers a must read and must do guidebook for law firm leaders seeking to operate their practices smarter and with greater profitability.

Jeremy E. Poock Jeremy E. Poock / Esq., Founder, Senior Attorney Match

There are many books dedicated to law firms and the business of law. Most are not worth reading.
This one is!!!!!!!!!! I highly recommend this book.

John B. Morgan John B. Morgan / Attorney

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